An Overview Of Shivayi Law Firm, P.C.’s Employment Law Practice

After well over a decade spent defending employers in disputes and litigation, I founded my law practice, Shivayi Law Firm, P.C., in support of Los Angeles and Southern California employees. I am attorney Nima Shivayi, representing employees and advising employers and small-business owners on a range of issues, including:

Discrimination and harassment claimsEmployees often report patterns of illegal discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, age, gender or other protected characteristics. If you have lost your job, been demoted or not been hired, and race, gender or another characteristic may have been the reason, talk it over with me. Or if you believe you have been harassed at work because of a protected characteristic, contact me to discuss your rights.
Retaliation claimsDid your employer take action to admonish or discipline you after you reported workplace harassment or discrimination? How about for requesting an accommodation for a disability? If you believe that you were demoted, transferred or otherwise retaliated against after filing or acting as a witness in an employment complaint, or for asserting any other rights, I can help you obtain answers and justice.
Disability accommodations and leaves of absence: Did your employer fail to make reasonable accommodation for your disability? Did your company refuse to grant you a medical or family leave of absence? Let me analyze your case to assess whether your employer broke any laws – and how to remedy the employer’s wrongdoing.
Wrongful terminationWhen you were fired or laid off, was it illegal retaliatory discharge after you reported harassment on the job? Were you fired because of your religious affiliation, your family’s country of origin, or some other protected characteristic? Talk to me, an experienced employment lawyer in the Los Angeles area.
Protection for whistleblowers: If you are planning to blow the whistle on your employer over illegal activities in the workplace, protect yourself. Get legal counsel as soon as possible – whether or not your employer has retaliated against you yet.
Contract negotiations: If you have doubts or questions about an employment contract, discuss the matter with a knowledgeable attorney. I can advise you on whether the noncompete agreement your employer asked you to sign is overbroad or illegal. I also advise employers on contract-related issues.
Employment classificationDid your employer misclassify you as a manager to avoid paying overtime? Or did a hiring entity claim you were a contractor when, in fact, your work responsibilities were those of an employee? I advise both employees and employers on this area of the law.
Unpaid overtime, meal and rest break claims, and other wage and hour issues: You may have good reason to bring a claim against your employer if it failed to pay you for overtime. Perhaps you were denied regular meal and rest breaks. You even may be able to join or initiate a class action on this issue together with other employees.
Services for employers and small-business ownersI offer general counsel and representation for employers and small-business owners on a variety of employment law matters. Enlist my help if you are under investigation over allegations of employment law violations. I can also advise you on how to structure policies for employee manuals or handbooks in order to be in compliance with the ever-changing landscape of employment laws. I can provide the legally mandated 90-minute training every two years on harassment in the workplace.

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