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About Shivayi Law Firm

My years of experience in employment law practice are an advantage for clients, whether employees or employers. I am Los Angeles employment law attorney Nima Shivayi, and I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce you to my law practice.From law offices in Pasadena, I offer my services to clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. My top priority at Shivayi Law Firm is to promote employees’ best interests. My experience representing employers has given me the knowledge necessary to represent employees and advise employers on ways to avoid conflicts and litigation.

My Experience On The Other Side Can Be A Distinct Advantage In Your Case

An employee’s legal problems on the job may be resolved through administrative claims and lawsuits. When representing an employee in a claim against an employer, I am able to anticipate the opponent’s defense tactics, thanks to my extensive experience representing employers. Or an employee’s problems may be resolved through open dialogue with the employer rather than a claim or lawsuit, which I also can do on your behalf due to my many years working with employers. This knowledge may be what it takes to successfully negotiate a contract, protect a whistleblower or win compensation for an employee who was discriminated against or denied a legally mandated medical accommodation or leave of absence.

You may have experienced discrimination on the job or your employer may have committed a wage and hour violation according to California or federal laws. You may wish to initiate or join a class action over unpaid overtime or meal or rest breaks. Whatever your employment law matter, I am prepared to apply my knowledge gained through years of experience to the goal of achieving the best resolution in your favor.

What I Can Do For You

One of my strong points as an attorney is my ability to step back, assess a situation and determine the best approach. I can be aggressive or take a more passive approach, as the facts of a case dictate. I prepare each case as if for trial, knowing that sensible resolutions are normally achievable through prelitigation maneuvers. My flexibility in the practice of law translates to personalized, effective legal counsel and representation focusing on unique opportunities in each employee’s case or employer’s needs. For details about my professional background and qualifications, follow this link:

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