Employment Contract Negotiations

I am an experienced lawyer in Orange County who can assist you with drafting, reviewing or negotiating various types of written agreements with your employer. I can advise and assist with employment contracts, executive compensation agreements, independent contractor agreements, mandatory arbitration agreements and severance agreements.

Know Your Rights Before You Sign

If your employer has presented you with one of these agreements (or any other type of written agreement), contact me to protect your rights before you sign that agreement. I can help you review and assess the terms of the agreement given to you and, if necessary, negotiate with your employer to improve those terms to be more favorable for you.

What If Your Employer Asks You To Draft The Agreement?

While it would be unusual for an employer to ask an employee to draft any such agreements, I also can help you do that if your employer has asked that you draft the agreement.

Contact Shivayi Law Firm In Southern California

Consult with an attorney before signing a binding contract. I will tell you how you can protect yourself in your employment situation. Call 949-237-7978 or send an inquiry through this website. From law offices in Irvine, I advise and represent clients throughout Orange County.