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Experienced and dedicated representation you can count on. Nima Shivayi is a former employment defense lawyer now committed to fighting for employee rights, using his knowledge and experience to get fair compensation for victims of unfair treatment in the workplace.

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Employment Law Overview

Employment Law Overview

Retaliation, harassment, discrimination, ADA compliance, unpaid overtime

For Employers

For Employers

Advice and counseling, employee handbooks, on-site harassment training

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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As an experienced defender of employers, I bring an uncommon depth of knowledge to the practice of employment law for employees in the Los Angeles area, Southern California, and throughout the State. Shivayi Law Firm focuses on employees’ legal issues, including discrimination and harassment, difficulties over reasonable accommodations or leaves of absence, and protection for whistleblowers. I am Nima Shivayi, a sole practitioner dedicated to protecting the rights of, and obtaining favorable outcomes for, my clients in employment law cases.

I advise and represent workers who may have been harassed or wrongfully terminated, or misclassified and not compensated legally and fairly. I am available to bring class actions on behalf of workers who have been denied overtime pay or discriminated against as a group.

My law practice also includes assisting employers and small-business owners on preparing employee policies and handbooks, and providing training to their employees on issues of harassment and discrimination.

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“You can trust me to carefully assess your situation and determine how best to pursue the justice your case deserves.” – Southern California employment law attorney Nima Shivayi

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