Experienced Irvine Attorney Represents Individuals in Workplace Disputes

Reliable California lawyer capably handles a diverse range of employment law matters

Employer/employee disputes can be challenging and difficult to resolve. At Shivayi Law Firm, P.C. in Irvine, our attorney has extensive experience representing both employers and employees, and advocates for clients in Orange County, and throughout Southern California in a wide range of employment law matters. With decades of experience, our attorney offers knowledgeable guidance on complicated legal problems and develops creative and effective strategies for workers who have been wronged by their employers. Whether you were denied overtime pay, experienced discrimination due to a personal characteristic, have been sexually harassed, or have been denied an accommodation for your disability, our attorney will explain your legal options and help you make good decisions.

Accomplished counselor fights to protect client interests

In any employment law case, you need an attorney committed to pursuing your desired outcome. Our attorney’s well-honed negotiation and litigation skills consistently produce strong results. Regardless of your particular legal challenge, you will benefit from a lawyer who is all of the following:

  • An innovative thinker — Every situation is unique and any proposed resolution to a legal issue should reflect that fact. Our attorney thinks outside the box and formulates solutions that fit clients’ needs.
  • A compassionate advocate — Our attorney appreciates how overwhelming employment law disputes can be and takes the time to listen and keep clients informed about their case.
  • Focused on employment law — By concentrating on one area of law, our firm can better address your employment issues, no matter how complex.

Trying to resolve your legal matters on your own can lead to additional problems. Our attorney is committed to securing justice for clients and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

Dedicated advocate offers comprehensive and skilled representation across Southern California

Our firm’s attorney provides tenacious representation to individuals throughout Southern California in the following types of employment law issues:

  • Discrimination — While numerous laws exist prohibiting workplace discrimination, employees receive unfair treatment due to their race, age, religion or other protected characteristic every day, and our firm will work to obtain a favorable resolution.  
  • Wrongful termination — Getting fired is never pleasant, but if you were the victim of a wrongful termination, you might be entitled to relief. We work on behalf of dismissed employees during vulnerable times.  
  • Sexual harassment — No one should have to endure sexual harassment in the workplace, and our attorney will help you understand if what happened to you rises to the level of illegal harassment.
  • Whistleblower protection — Employees who report illegal conduct to their employers and/or governmental authorities have rights, and our attorney advises Californians on whistleblower protection laws and other issues related to retaliation claims.
  • Wage and overtime claims — If your employer refused to pay money you are owed, provide you with adequate meal and rest breaks, misclassified you as exempt or a contractor, our attorney will handle your wage claim.
  • Disability discrimination and ADA claims — Employees with physical limitations are entitled to reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar California laws. Our attorney advises on what types of changes are required and represents employees in disability discrimination actions.

The lawyer you select can greatly influence the outcome of your case, and our attorney is a seasoned and proven advocate who will look out for your interests.

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