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Nima ShivayiAs an experienced defender of employers, I bring an uncommon depth of knowledge to the practice of employment law for Los Angeles and Southern California employees. Shivayi Law Firm focuses on employees' legal issues, including discrimination and harassment, difficulties over reasonable accommodations or leaves of absence, and protection for whistleblowers. I am Nima Shivayi, a sole practitioner dedicated to favorable outcomes for my clients in employment law cases.

I advise and represent workers who may have been misclassified or wrongfully terminated. I am available to bring class actions on behalf of workers who have been denied overtime pay or discriminated against as a group.

My law practice also includes training and assisting employers and small-business owners on how to write an employee policy manual and ways to avoid discrimination and other employment-related claims.

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I am employment lawyer Nima Shivayi in Pasadena, serving clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. I invite you to look around the website to get an idea of the kinds of cases I handle. You may email me or call 626-408-8528 directly to schedule a free consultation. When we discuss your legal matter, I will help you understand how you can protect your rights and increase the likelihood of a positive resolution. And in most cases, you will not have to pay any attorneys' fees until I recover money for you from your employer.