Should You Initiate A Class Action To Correct An Employment Law Issue?

Class action lawsuits are an important tool for employees in the Los Angeles area who have been cheated out of wages. Because wage claims such as unpaid overtime or missed meal and rest breaks are often for only a few hundred dollars, employers believe that their employees will not spend the time, effort or money to pursue their claims. This allows employers to cheat each employee out of a small amount of wages, which adds up to huge financial gain for the employers.

Class action lawsuits help level the playing field. They allow workers who have been similarly harmed by an employer to pursue their claims collectively in one lawsuit, on behalf of the entire class of workers who have been similarly harmed.

Talk To A Knowledgeable Lawyer About Your Potential Wage And Hour Claim

I am Nima Shivayi, an employment law attorney in Pasadena who previously represented employers throughout California. Now I advise and represent Southern California employees. Having substantial experience with wage and hour class actions, I can help you figure out whether your individual wage claims can be brought as a class action on behalf of other workers who have been similarly harmed by your employer. Contact me to discuss your claims and go over your next steps.